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Road Trip to take to Heart

by Joshua Garbe

Lines on the road flicker by, seemingly flowing together as one solid line. Despite the others that all too often irritate, the open road is a playground for the mind to dig in. There is just something about being able to take control of the wheel, especially when it seems to be the only thing that you have control of in your life at the moment, and just go; as fast as you want or as far as you want. The road is your limit; and even then depending on how adventurous you are, you needed not stop there. Sometimes I just take a back road where no one else is, even though it will make my drive longer, to relax and enjoy the drive. Relax… 

People along
the way

It is interesting who you find when you slow down, or get interrupted from the busyness of regular life, that even in the most unlikely of places you meet someone you would not expect. Almost as if it was planned for your arrival.


The human heart truly is an interesting organ in the body.

It is the first thing you see on an ultra sound of baby, and yet the first sound of your mother you hear while in the womb.

To lay still and
slip away

I learnt very quickly how irrefutably useless sleep was in the grand scheme of life. How sleep seems to deprive the soul of encounters that it uses to issue out its own wellness; though for some sadistic reason sleep was indeed inevitable.

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